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Hygienebutler GmbH


You are looking for a fast and easy solution to train yourself and your employees
on the yearly required hygiene-training.

Get the right solution!

Our Service:
a multimedia interactive CBT-program "HygieneButler".

Training, instruction, test and certificate, all within one CD-Rom - for all european countries and languages.

Appreciated quality:

  • Certified by Hygiene Institut of University of Kiel
  • Proofed by DQS
  • Appreciated by the vetenerian authorities

The HygieneButler allows to train the yearly hygiene-training and
instruction on the infection protection act as required by valid european right.

Your benefits:

  • the program can be adapted for individual company requirements
  • Certificate is delivered by mai
  • avoid expensive attendancy costs
  • save money during the following years - just order a test-license
  • learning on demand - you define your time and place to learn

now available:
interactive demo
(german version)
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...the HygieneButler

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single user licence incl. certificate from
€ 35,00 + tax.

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