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HygieneButler Product Information

Starting position:

Since 1997 the food hygiene act and in 2001 the infection protection act have been adopted. Any person and company included in the food handling branche have to attend a yearly hygiene training. This requirement is an expansive financial challenge for concerned companies. At the same time it is legal law.

who is affected?

basic priciple:
This qualification is designed principally for those who are, or intend to be, food handlers. A food handler is any person, in any type of food business, who handles food, whether open or packaged (food includes drinks and ice). This qualification may also be appropriate for people whose work requires them to enter food premises, e.g. equipment maintenance engineers, off-site business owners/managers and delivery personnel.
  • hotels
  • motels
  • hostels
  • youth hostels
  • pizza deliverers
  • caterers
  • pubs
  • confectionaries
  • farm-sellers
  • coffee-houses
  • vintagers
  • wholesalers
  • retail salers
  • butchers
  • bakers
  • foodindustries
  • fish-shops
  • ambulant business
  • forwarding agencies
  • restaurants
  • dairy industries
  • refactories
  • beverage industries
  • canteens
  • schools
  • Kindergarden
  • kitchens
  • snack bars
  • dining cars
  • farmers
  • filling stations
  • animal food industries
  • ice-houses
  • a.m.

our solution:

The multimedia cbt "HygieneButler" with included test and certification modules is the further development of traditional learning-systems.

It offers a qualified hygiene training/instruction for a fair price to all companies handling food.

At the same time you safe time and work.

The modular structur of the "HygieneButler" is the essential quality of our solution. It offers the possibility for people with or without knowledge on food hygiene to train and improve their knowledge. After few minutes also computer-laymans are able to work in a professional way with our program.

The software provides knowledge through small mutimedia units about the relevant subjects of food hygiene. By means of learning games and multiple-choice-questions you can improve your knowledge and test yourself.

Already qualified peoples can use the examination licence to get their yearly hygiene certificate .

Convince yourself!

The "HygieneButler" is developed by specialist trainers of food hygiene and follows didactical and pedagogical principles of instructional design.





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